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The Evolution of Beauty Makeup: Historical and Contemporary Trends

Once just a means to help accentuate ones natural beauty, makeup has evolved into a tool to reflect our personal style and individual tastes. From arched brows in Ancient Rome to dripping diamonds in modern times, explore the history and trends in beauty makeup.

Color-Correcting Techniques in Beauty Makeup

Color-correction can take your beauty makeup look from bland to brilliant! Learn the tips and tricks needed to perfect this technique from basic color wheel theory to learning how to blend color for a natural look.

The Science of Long-Lasting Beauty Makeup: Setting Techniques

Having the perfect look isn't as hard as it seems; with the right techniques, your makeup could last all night long. Discover the science of setting your makeup brilliantly with the world's most innovative makeup techniques.


Fashion Celebrities and Their Love for Vintage Couture

From stylish blazers to timeless ball gowns, fashion celebrities have a love for vintage couture that is unparalleled. They draw inspiration from decades past with their signature looks, gracing the red carpets with classic silhouettes and colors. Each outfit is individual, radiating with timeless elegance and character.

Journey of Fashion Designers

From the gritty streets of New York to the glitzy runways of Milan, the story of fashion’s leading names is a journey of passion, persistence, and creativity. Follow the inspiring paths of fashion’s innovators and influencers as they shape the future of fashion.

Haute Couture for Everyone: Affordable Fashion Trends

From luxurious fabrics to intricate designs, haute couture is no longer a luxury reserved for the elite; affordable fashion trends have made it possible for everyone to dress-up in style.