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As the fashion world celebrates its most recent weeklong showcase of design, glamour, and pageantry, there’s no better place to spot the hottest and most iconic fashion moments than on the red carpet. From eye-catching gowns to statement suits, Fashion Week’s red carpet moments prove that when it comes to style, the sky’s the limit.

1. Red Hot Elegance: Celebrating Fashion Week’s Flashiest Arrivals

Every month, fashion enthusiasts from across the globe anticipate the arrival of a new season of Fashion Week, looking forward to the newest trends gracing runways from New York to Paris. Such has been the case this year, with the September 2018 semester’s events producing some dazzling pieces.

A strong presence on the runway has been red, the chosen hue of numerous designers. Ensembles ranging from a bold coat dress from Versace to a strong statement piece from Alexander McQueen all received warm praise. Marchesa’s spicy look, an exquisite fire-orange coat dress, has captivated audiences as well.

One of the most notable trends in this Fashion Week’s most daring designs? An emphasis on elegance. Despite the flashy colors and statement-making silhouettes, designers such as Rodarte and Givenchy have pulled off a sleek, delicate aesthetic fit for high society.

  • Versace: Blending black and red, the designer crafted a dramatic statement dress that plays on contrasts.
  • Alexander McQueen: Its frayed edges and coat silhouette embraced the current trend of military-style influences.
  • Marchesa: This fiery orange number was the talk of the week, a classic dress reinterpreted with a vivid touch.
  • Rodarte: The soft gold and cream lace fit for a ballroom.
  • Givenchy: A look that’s both daring and modest, this outfit exemplifies the beauty in subtle refinement.

This year’s Fashion Week gave us some of the flashiest, hottest looks we’ve seen in months. However, it’s noteworthy that while these designs are edgy, they still contain an element of classic refinement. While the world awaits the new designs of the following year, these September 2018 looks might very well stay relevant for seasons to come.

2. Music’s Biggest Stars Step Out In Glorious Gowns

The red carpet at the premiere of the latest big film is a stage for celebrities to express themselves—and the music industry is no exception. On Saturday night, some of music’s biggest and brightest stars took to the red carpet in show-stopping gowns.

With her signature tone-on-tone style, Lily Allen showed up in a sleek one shoulder strapless black gown with a deep-cut neckline, perfectly complementing her signature blonde pixie cut.

Rihanna turned heads with her deep mauve silk taffeta ball gown featuring a voluminous skirt and a draped neckline, adorned with a large pearl and diamond necklace.

Beyoncé was a vision in a floor length white gown with a satin corseted bodice and off-the-shoulder sleeves, accessorized with a matching wide-brimmed hat.

Katy Perry presented a whimsical pastel look, opting for a belted fuschia dress, which was covered in bubblegum pink feathers and adorned with a tonal bow at the waist.

From sequins to feathers, the runway of music’s biggest stars featured a myriad of looks for every style and preference.

  • Lily Allen brought the classic and sophisticated look in her black one shoulder gown.
  • Rihanna dazzled in a deep mauve ball gown.
  • Beyoncé turned heads in an all-white look with a matching wide-brimmed hat.
  • Katy Perry made a bold statement with a whimsical pink feathered dress.

3. Majestic Masquerades Incapacitate The Red Carpet

Majestic masquerades have the incredible power to awe any onlooker, leaving them in a beautiful state of awe and admiration. For many, attending a masquerade ball is an unforgettable experience of the highest quality.

The grandeur and opulence is enough to incapacitate the most esteemed of guests, effortlessly rendering them frozen in awe.

Luxurious costumes, head-to-toe masks and intricate decorations make for an unforgettable evening at the ball. Revelers marvel in joyous costumes depicting the many guises of beauty. Each costume varies and can range from feathered and fabulous, to the striking and show-stopping.

  • Sweeping gowns: Floor-length gowns take centerstage, crafted of the finest silks and detailed with lavish lace hemlines, glittering stones and shimmering metallics.
  • Magnificent masks: To top off the luxurious look, glossy masks hover along the forehead of guests. The masks can be anything from decorative to elaborate, with feathers, beads, sequins or ribbons.
  • Glorious décor: The entire ballroom is lavishly decorated, with sparkling chandeliers, glorious floral arrangements, and glimmering gold accents.

At the end of the day, majestic masquerades are a testament to the power of costume, make-up, and set design. They infuse glamour and grandeur to any event, and leave the crowd in complete awe and admiration.

4. Colorful Couture Crushes The Catwalk

As if a rainbow of confetti had cascaded down the runway, models strutted in a full spectrum of colorful ensembles. Bold hues and brash shapes made for quite the showstopping couture as designers turned up the heat on the catwalk.

The looks created the ultimate eclectic mix of rainbow-bright pieces. Sprinkles of saturated colors added a playful element of contrast. Neon skirts and velvet ensembles led the pack. Here are the four showstopping trends we noticed:

  • Checkered Splatter – patterns were seen in various scales and prints for an energetic feel.
  • Abstract Tomfoolery – geometric shapes made for an artsy feel while colorful graphics stirred up the pieces.
  • Surreal Assemble – pastels and neons collided for a delicate balance of sweet and spicy.
  • Subdued Duality – pieces featuring two different colors offered an unexpected twist.

The couture was fantastical yet elegant – an upbeat series of pops and clashes that made for quite the memorable show. Just like that, the catwalk was a kaleidoscope of colorful couture!

5. Rising Stars Create An Eclectic Red Carpet Experience

Each year, the red carpet at the Academy Awards is wowing audiences in more ways than one. No longer is it a showcasing of the hottest A-list stars wearing the latest in fashion—instead, it has become a platform for emerging creative talents to express themselves.

  • The Emerging Designers: This year, instead of the same-old designer names, rising star designers such as Pyer Moss, Tory Burch, and Jaden Smith showcased stunning gowns on the red carpet. These unexpected designers created an air of mystery and excitement, with each look somehow managed to stand out in its own unique way.
  • Unexpected Colour Palettes: These new names brought fresh ideas to the red carpet—something that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago. Bright and bold colours that we wouldn’t expect on the red carpet were worn by celebrities like Billy Porter and Tessa Thompson. Taking risks with vibrant reds, greens, and blues, these emerging talents managed to create a festive and daring atmosphere.
  • Classic Elegance Meets Eclectic Prints: Not to be outdone, classic designers like Armani and Versace also made an appearance on this year’s red carpet, albeit with a twist. Stars like Kim Kardashian West and Brie Larson created a sense of classic elegance by pairing classic silhouettes with daring and bold prints.

The rising stars at this year’s Academy Awards have certainly made their mark on the red carpet. With their commitment to daring fashion statements and willingness to take risks, these designers—both classic and emerging—have created an eclectic energy on the carpet that audiences have been reveling in.

Fashion Week is an exciting week of bold choices and dazzling looks. The red carpet is always our favorite place to look for the trendiest styles and most daring outfits. We hope you have enjoyed this peek into some of this year’s most captivating red carpet moments.

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